GMAT Private Tutoring in Budapest (Hungary)

GMAT Tutoring in Budapest

Since 1999, Manhattan Review has been the number one resource for students preparing for the GMAT exam. In Budapest, hundreds of aspiring MBA's have benefitted from our GMAT private tutoring services. We provide Budapest students with the industry-leading educational tools they need to gain acceptance into the top business schools in Europe, as well as throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

While some students do well studying in classroom-style groups, others prefer a more individualized approach to preparing for the GMAT. If you are planning on taking the GMAT in Budapest, take your preparation to the next level with a private tutoring program created just for you and customized to your unique needs. No two students learn in the exact same way, which is why we offer one-on-one tutoring services. In these sessions, we will help you identify your learning style, discovering and building upon your strengths and helping you work around and overcome any weaknesses that might negatively affect your GMAT performance.

Private tutoring programs are available for students early in their academic journeys, as well as for successful professionals who want to increase their earning potential and take their career to the next level. Students who have utilized Manhattan Review's private tutoring options have gone on to be admitted to the world's most highly respected business schools, including IE Business School, Harvard, the University of Texas at Austin, INSEAD, Oxford, IESE, Duke, the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Stanford, the University of California at Berkeley, the London Business School, and elsewhere.

Budapest is home to numerous internationally recognized companies, and we have worked with many professionals, from those early in their career to those who are more established, helping them achieve their MBA dreams. The reality is that Budapest is a competitive marketplace, and it is imperative to stand out from other job applicants by having a strong resume showing you received an MBA from a leading business school. In order to ensure your acceptance to a leading business school, high GMAT scores will be required, and Manhattan Review knows just how to help you get these scores. Our private tutoring programs are designed with you in mind, and sessions can be arranged around your schedule, including in the evenings or on weekends. We understand the challenges inherent to balancing a job while preparing for the GMAT, and our tutors are here to assist you in making the most of your time by helping you streamline your exam prep, allowing you to focus on the most important test-taking techniques.

Manhattan Review hires only the best instructors in Budapest. We then give them the industry's best GMAT course syllabus, providing them with a tried-and-true format to follow when helping individual learners master the skills needed to obtain a high score on the GMAT. Our engaging and knowledgeable instructors have mentored a variety of learners, and we are pleased to offer Budapest's most personalized, flexible, and results-driven resource for GMAT preparation.

Earning an MBA is not simply about attending classes and completing projects. It's about the quality of the instruction you receive in your classes, as well as the relevancy of the projects you complete to real-world tasks you will eventually face in your business career. It is also about the connections you make within your business program. This is why you want to attend a top-ranked institution of higher education, allowing you to build professional relationships while establishing a resume that will permit you to live and work wherever you please. Companies are more selective than ever, and there continue to be more and more applicants for the most desirable positions. Help yourself stand out from the crowd by securing high total and sectional GMAT scores, attending a prestigious business program, and making hiring managers take notice of you. Whether you plan to remain in Budapest's exciting and ever-evolving market or take your career to another country, unlock your potential with Manhattan Review and obtain top GMAT scores through an individual tutoring program designed specifically for you.

GMAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Prep Course Budapest - Photo of Student Nitin

I took the GMAT and scored 750 (Q50 V41). I found the Manhattan Review Crash course extremely useful in brushing up concepts and common mistakes, the small class size ensured private attention and the timing suited my hectic schedule. It's a quick fix to cracking the GMAT. Thanks Manhattan Review!
- Nitin (This student took our New York GMAT weekend course)


Primary Course Venue:

Hilton Budapest
Hess András tér 1-3
Budapest 1014, Hungary

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Budapest GMAT Tutor: Stan N.

Stan, an American of Hungarian descent, was born and raised in San Francisco, California. As a child, he looked forward to traveling to Budapest on school holidays to see his extended family, and as he became older, he began spending some or all of his summers in his favorite European city, feeling right at home among the outdoor markets, hidden cafes, and seemingly endless museums.

Stan obtained an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia before receiving an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. His GMAT scores placed him in the top 1% of all test-takers that year, and Stan recalls being very thorough when preparing for the GMAT, securing the services of a recommended private tutor. "Working one-on-one with someone who understood how I learned and knew the areas I struggled with was a game-changer for me," Stan recalls. "We could tailor each session to focus on what was most helpful, and it was incredibly effective."

Stan moved to New York and began working as a private tutor for Manhattan Review while also beginning his career in finance. After two years, the financial company Stan was working for offered him the opportunity to relocate to Budapest, and Stan didn't hesitate, packing his bags and securing a one-way ticket to Hungary. "I was so pleased Manhattan Review had an office in Budapest so I could continue my tutoring work," he explains. "While I love my career, there's something special about working with individual students to help them achieve their own business school dreams." When he isn't helping students score in the highest percentiles on the GMAT, Stan can be found practicing the mandolin, playing basketball, or enjoying a potluck meal with his aunts, uncles, and cousins, who are thrilled to have him so close.

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